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We are currently in Huhehaote (also known as Hohhot), the capital city of Inner Mongolia on a Vans China trip to film and to compete in a skate contest out here. Having been to Ordos last year, I left with no inclination of ever really wanting to come back due to the lack of options for dining… or anything else for the matter. Surprisingly, Huhehaote is quite the opposite of the early-morning-Sunday-college-town feel you constantly get in Ordos, but instead is a city with a population of about 2 million with amazing skatespots and great restaurants (quite possibly the best hotpot I’ve ever had).

 photo Jiba_Treflip_Hohhot_zps66955e2c.jpg

Dan Leung treflips in front of the genie lamp as the 7am sun peaks out. The sun rises around 4:30am here, and it doesn’t get dark until about 8pm, allowing for an extra hour of filming. A nice change from Shanghai, where it gets dark at 7pm during the summers. This is located on a street known as the “Mongol Street”, where everything is in different pastel colors and even the storefronts look like mosques. On Wikipedia, it says only about 11% of the population is actually Mongolian, which may explain why we haven’t met any Mongolian skaters yet. I asked the locals what the building behind is, but I’ve since already completely forgotten what they said…

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All over Huhehaote are ads and tourist touts asking if you want to visit the Grasslands which are about a 3 hours drive from the city. You can ride horses, 4-wheelers, pick flowers (which is what a lot of the tourists do), BBQ and even stay in Mongolian yurts if you’d like. A nice escape from the city. If you have ever eaten in a Muslim restaurant (which if you live in China, you definitely have since they are the equivalent of fast food restaurants) the scenery in the Grasslands is the background picture of the menus in the restaurants. We were lucky enough to have the local skaters take us up there for half a day and we opted for riding 4-wheelers and climbing rocks. Chris Bradley leaps from one to the other as he gaps over a crevice of horse & human shit, trash, and probably a handful of diseases (or broken bones) if he were to fall! I tried to jump the gap with my camera but ended up bumming my knee getting up the rock.