Amongst the 23 million people inhabiting Shanghai, there is a small and strong skateboard community,
Many of the individuals in this community are expats that has relocated to China for work or simply to widen their horizon with new experiences.
This video documents a year of traveling and skating throughout China, which is quickly becoming the most popular stomping grounds for amateur and professional skateboarders around the world.
Marble and architecture perfect for skating as far as the eye can see, as well as great food and culture makes China a great place to experience for any skater.
The name “Panoramic” is a metaphor for being open-minded, which is a must for anybody that wants to live and travel in China, for good and bad.
Skating by:
Elliott Zelinskas
Brian Dolle
Gustav Nyman
Jeremy Hu
Ansen Wang
Brandon King
Kristian Kvam Hansen
Christer Enciso
Ben Mullinkosson
Wilko Grüning
Henrik Svan
Boss Xie
Filmed, Directed and Edited by:
Kristian Kvam Hansen