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 photo RedBuilding_zps3418bbe2.jpg
A cloud of pollution has been covering Shanghai over the past week, though on the plus side, it’s been unusually warm for end of January… clocking in at 18 Centigrade for the dead of winter!

 photo Fog_4_zps4918bccc.jpg
She’s breathing in pollutants equivalent to a half pack of cigarettes a day.

 photo Fog_1_zpsed193357.jpg
Something sinister’s a brewing.

 photo Fog_2_zps9ced76d2.jpg
They’ve turned the previous Expo grounds into new malls and expensive coffee shops… and…

 photo Pip_RustyBank_5-0_zpseb95d2db.jpg
Full of amazing skatespots! Pip frontside grinds a sculpture in a vacant lot in a section of Shanghai that few ventures out to.

 photo Dolle_Fog_zpsf742063c.jpg
Pollution can’t keep Dolle inside!

 photo Peak_Fog_zps3b8c6506.jpg
Peak and his perfect marble ledge.

 photo Peak_SwitchOllie_Fog_zps6ea9acfc.jpg
Peak switch ollies over the bar as the sun fades behind the cloud of pollutant particles.