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Tyler from Switch sent me an email with a videoclip of one of my favorite skaters: CHIPPER DEL STEEZY!

The last month or so there has been a huge rocky flat gap on the street in front of Switch. Today I decided to name the spot “Haines Beach,” not to be confused with the other Haines Beach on White Clay Creek (our local swimming hole). I also challenged Kinetic team rider Chipper to stick 10 tricks across the beach. We have been running this video contest on the Switch Facebook page all summer. Long story short everyone is slackers, and we haven’t had many entries, so i decided to make my own clip to show how easy it really is. This clip was filmed with an Iphone 3gs and a cool little thing called an Owle. It took me about an hour to edit on Imovie. It was a fun afternoon at the shop. Enjoy. P.S. my phone died and we lost count of the tricks. We will be sure to grab 10 next try.” – Ty