Seems like everyone has been on the road lately… and I am pleased to say that I’m no exception to this recent trend (nevertheless, I’m still somewhat jealous of them).

After hearing locals warn me about the bustability that Freedom Plaza had become, I opted for a straight picture and a once-over cruise through… no session there.  I choose instead to enjoy my days in D.C. cruising through downtown and had a brief session at the courthouse.

Some locals trying their luck.  (Look up any Bobby Worrest part for a more in-depth tour of Freedom Plaza & the greater D.C. area)

And then onto Philly…

FDR was sick!  I should’ve put on bigger wheels before I went though, it was way rougher than I thought… next time I’m busting out my 60’s.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out my hotel in Philly was a block away from Love Park. I made sure to walk through the park everyday and pay my respects to the gnarlyness that went down so many years there.  Someday I hope to be able to skate it!  It really was/is perfect for skateboarding.

Oh yah, the hotel had a pool on the roof…  epic!