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Since I have spent all of my money on drinking coronas by the pool last week,

I decided that it was time for a change, so I tried to organize a skate trip with some of Shanghai’s finest skaters.

So this past weekend , the first legion of sorts skate trip went down.

The original line up for this trip was composed of 5 persons (3 skaters and 2 filmers), but thanks to some lame excuses like ” Oh dude I couldn’t wake up!” or “Sorry I got wasted last night” or ” My dog ate my board…”, only one skater ( Brian Smith) and one filmer (myself) showed up at the train station….

The original plan was to bring the whole group to Bengbu in Anhui province but when we arrived at the station we couldn’t get any tickets so we decided to head to Nanjing (China’s Ancient Capital city) where we knew there was a skateboard photographer called Terry living there.

We met up with him there and he showed us around a couple of spots, he took good care of us, thanks god he was around because neither of me or Brian had been to Nanjing before so we didn’t have any idea about the spots there.

Thanks a million Terry for the trip!

Stay tuned for more about this trip in the upcoming days when I will upload some photos and videos.