Back in April I worked with WK to help shoot Converse’s new skate campaign in China featuring ShenZhen’s Thrasher aka Xiao Feng aka Fu Ling Chao. Unfortunately I wasn’t a part of the editing process. The basic story behind the commercial is that Thrasher’s looking for new skate spots. The location is in Xi’an, China (the city with the Terracotta Warriors). Since the skate community/market is still relatively small in ALL of China, I reckon it’s targeted more towards getting kids interested in skating, then actual skateboarders.

It’s a bit cheesey, but compared to Nissan’s commercial with Brian and Charlie….eh.. yeahhhhup. I’m actually a bit bummed that they didn’t use more of my angles, but fuck it, I made some cheddaaa!! BADA BLINGGGGG!


Will post the VIMEO version once I get it.

This commercial was filmed using the Sony EX1 and the Canon 5D.