I can’t say I ever liked my front teeth. They kinda stuck out too much anyway.

Still. That doesn’t mean I had much fun smashing them out.

I was trying to backlip a slick ledge when I did this. I think if the ledge didn’t slip on my feet, I would have been fine. But oh well. Too late for that.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t actually smash my front teeth out. I pushed them up into my gums, breaking the buccal plate (the bones that your teeth sit in) and ending up with miniature sized front teeth. Kinda like when you get your adult teeth growing through. Little stubs. I also fractured the little tooth that sits to the right of my front tooth and put it out of place a little. On top of that, the bottom of my two Bugs Bunny’s were chipped up and jagged. It is known as an intrusion injury. Oh yeah, and there was a hole or two through my lip.

So. After spitting out some blood and pieces of teeth, we went to the emergency room. This was good fun. Sitting around for a couple hours, only to be told there was no emergency dentist on site. Excellent. Turns out it’s a small world – the dental technician who treated me was the brother of some dude who tries to chat up my girlfriend. More fun. After a few stitches (knowing, that at least if this dude made me ugly, I knew where to find him),  I was advised to see a dentist the next day before my teeth set.

The plan, as I was advised, was to go to a Accident and emergency dentist, who would have more experience with these things. They would likely pull my teeth down, put them into place, bond a wire splint across my teeth to hold them in place. Once this all healed, I would need root canals and crowns.

The first dentist I went to was fucking useless. They had no idea that I still have two full fucking teeth, they were just lodged up half way up my face! They wanted to see if they would move back into place on their own, and instead, she wanted to start putting a composite on my front two teeth, so they would look normal. She told me my teeth had already set, all the while she checked out the rest of my teeth – saying stuff like “Such a shame, such lovely teeth”. Is she retarded? This isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear. It’s like telling a burns victim it was a shame they used to be so pretty. The cheek of it.

This was not really good enough. I booked two more consultations the next day. The first dentist told me I needed the teeth moved. If I left them there, my body would think the tooth was a foreign object (as they are not in the right place) and resorption would occur – my body would eat away at my own tooth. This dentist confirmed I would need the splint and root canals – the catch? He couldn’t move them back into place. He was going to refer me to an oral surgeon. After a short conversation with the oral surgeon over the phone, the dentist returned to the room, and let me know that “these types of injuries are quite rare, as usually the tooth breaks or falls out. The oral surgeon hasn’t performed one of these surgeries in over five years, but apparently it’s quite straightforward”. The oral surgeon gave him instruction OVER THE PHONE on how to do that. Fuck that shit. It was off to the next dentist.

The next dentist, an implant specialist (Dr. Richard Longbottom – http://www.topgums.co.nz – I will plug the shit out of this website – this guy knows what he’s doing) was finally able to sort me out. The only dentist who knew what to do and how to do it. After a bunch of needles (I was used to it by now) he yanked the teeth back into place using a pair of forceps. This was fun. Then I was moved next door to Endocentral (www.endocentral.co.nz – also very very good) to finish up with my treatment.

At the moment I’ve still got the splint attached and I’ve got one more bit of treatment (finishing off a root canal) – then I think I’ve gotta get crowns on the front. After that, I should be ripping for a while, but in 5-10 years time they’ll end up falling out and I’ll need implants anyway. The only thing stopping me from getting implants straight away is that when you get implants put in, the V of your gums that sits between teeth slowly disappears, meaning I’d end up with two rectangular looking teeth in the front. That, and saving your real teeth is usually always the best option.

Hopefully when they put the composite on the can make the front teeth look a little nicer. Still, I think my Hollywood dreams are over. And I’m fucking terrified of hitting my teeth again. And I’m gonna be broke for a while. Dental treatment is expensive. So is dental insurance, but if you skate, it’s probably worthwhile getting it. If you can afford it, that is.

Anyway, here’s a little slideshow of the healing process. I’ll throw up the snap of my face when they have rebuilt it.

P.S.. I can’t fucking whistle anymore!

– Danny

P.P.S… While checking some spelling and big boy words for this post, I found this. Who would have thought… when a dentist doesn’t know what to do, they ask the internet…